Piqillio Peppers, Mild, 375g Tin


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Piquillo Peppers, Mild, 375g Tin

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Piquillo Peppers are jarred red peppers from Spain.

They are very mild and sweet, and have charred remnants of skin on them.

The pepper plants are grown from seed. They ripen from green to red. Most are picked red, and these are the best known kind of Piquillo Peppers. But some are harvested green, or partly green and red. The green ones are less sweet.

The peppers are harvested daily in September and November, as they ripen. They are roasted in wood-fired ovens, which gives them a slightly smokey taste. Then they are peeled (not washed first) and seeded. During this process, they shrink by about 60%. They are then packed in tins in their own juices, along with salt and citric acid.



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